Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal data protection policy for International Christian Community (ICC)

According to EU act of 2018 In the personal data protection policy for ICC, we will explain the use of personal data, which you have given us access and permission to.

Protection of personal dataIn ICC we respect the user’s privacy and treat personal data according to the personal data protection act. ICC will comply with the rules for treating personal data. According to the personal data protection act, your personal data is to be kept secure. The responsibility lies on ICC. We will therefor secure, that all your data is kept secure and is treated carefully according to current used security standards.

Collection and use of personal dataWe use the following data about you: Membership data, data regarding volunteers, data regarding participation in activities in ICC, data regarding financial contribution to ICC, data regarding employees. We collect and keep your personal data for designated purposes.
We collect name, address, telephone no. and e-mail addresses, gender, age, interests, knowledge about events. The purpose of this is to be able to process your relation to us, that you have given us permission to.

Financial contributors
For the financial contributors, that have stated, that they want tax deduction for their contributions, we will keep the CPR no. to be able to report to the tax authorities. Personal dataWe only collect and treat personal data, that is necessary for us to fulfill our purpose. Furthermore, there might be some special acts or regulations, that will give the necessity to collect and keep additional data in the running of the church, e.g. a membership list.
The type and extent of the personal data, we treat, can be a necessity for fulfilling of a contract or other obligation.The purpose is decisive for what kind of data about you, are relevant to us. The same goes for the extend of the data we use. We do not use more data than necessary for a certain purpose.
We check and update your personal dataOur service is dependent on that your data is correctly updated, so please inform us about relevant changes to your data. You can use the contact information is this document to get in touch with us. We will delete your personal data, when they are no longer need for us, according to the original purpose of collecting the data.We will not give any of your data to any third party without your permission.In case we want to share any data with any third party, we will ask you for permission, and let you know for what purpose the data will be used. You can at any time tell us that you do want this anymore. We will not ask you for permission, if we have any legal obligation to pass on your personal data – that could e.g. be the tax authorities.

We have agreed to some internal rules regarding information safety, that includes instructions on how to protect your personal data against illegal treatment / processing, leaking or destruction.Personal data, that is stored electronically, is stores on a secure server or secure file.Our security is constantly evaluated, to ensure that your data is stores carefully according to your rights as a user.

Links and Social MediaThis homepage might contain links to other homepages or link to social media that gives the possibility to share content on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.We do not support homepages containing social media and we are not responsible for any content or cookies on these pages, unless it has been put there by us.The use of links is at your own risk, and you have to verify the pages before giving out personal information. We will never ask for your credentials or any personal data on our homepage.

Webpages like Vimeo and YouTube is used to integrate videos to our homepage and service providers like MailChimp and Google Analytics are able to send their own cookies via our homepage.Please look up the privacy- and cookie statements for these sites yourself, if you want more information about it.

Our Sunday services and other events will either in full or partial be video recorded and / or be live streamed on Facebook. We will also take pictures, that also will be put on our homepage and social media. In case you do not want to be recorded, please let us know – preferably by e-mail on DownloadsAll downloadable content available on this webpage is delivered at the user’s own risk.

Data Controller
ICC is responsible for treating your personal data ICCRyesgade 68DK – 2100 Copenhagen Easte-mail: info@getintouch.dkTel.: +45 5285 5285  Contact regarding personal dataAccording to the personal data protection act, you are able to get information on, which data is being kept about you. In case this information is incorrect, you have the right to get it corrected, deleted or blocked. You are welcome to contact us and get information on, what data we have on you. In case you want this information, please contact us via e-mail on or tel. +45 5285 5285. Do you have any other objections, please contact us the same way.  Changes to this documentThe constant changes of content on the internet means, that it can be necessary for us to change the ways we treat your personal data. We therefore reserve the right to make changes to the way we treat your data. In case we do this, we will change the date at the bottom of the page. We will at any time reflect the changes in this document.

Last updated 27.08.2018