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ICC supports different mission projects around the world with our partners, namely Merriwa Foundation Projects in Africa, which we have worked together for almost a decade. The misson comprise of a massive school project, gospel outreach ministry, prisoner rehabilitation project and humanitarian causes in Asia.


ICC also supports the Bible Championship started in Czech Republic, by Karel and Darina Sedláček. You can check out photos from the 2014 competition on out Photo Gallery page. From time to time, we make missions trip to Africa, Asia and Europe to conduct teaching, preaching and seminars.


For more information about our mission projects or partnering with us, please contact us via e-mail.

Bible Championship

in Jerusalem in 2016


Our missionary partner Karel from the Czech Republic is busily preparing forn the World Bible Championship to be held in Jerusalem, Israel in November 2016.


You can listen to a very interesting conversation between Vicktor Kalisher and Jurgen Buhler about how our present generation has neglected reading the bible and the importance of doing it again. They will present the Bible Championship as well. The interview is located here:




The link to the homepage of the Bible Championship can be found HERE


We encourage you to sign up and look forward to meet in Jerusalem soon.

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